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Embark on a softening journey with our super soft socks – more than just a wardrobe staple, they're companions in comfort + ambassadors of peace.




- MenoGarden Collection

- Soften here, sis Collection

- So not typical Collection

- Monstera + Palms (from the Gratitude Collections)


Ponder this: as you slip your feet into the plush embrace of these socks, a story unfolds. It's a narrative of luxurious softness woven into every fiber, inviting you to amplify your comfort + peace with style on every step of your journey.


Imagine awakening in the morning, the world still quiet. Your feet, cocooned in the gentle warmth of your soft socks, carry you through the day, a silent ally in your quest for comfort. They become more than just an accessory; they're the storytellers of your serenity.


From the noise of city streets to serene nature trails, these socks accompany you, embracing your every movement with a touch of style. Their texture becomes a tactile reminder that comfort and peace are not just destinations but companions along the way.


Indulge in the sensation of walking on clouds, and let the story of your comfort be told in every step. 


- Super soft fleece inside lining at the bottom of the sock

- Crew length

- Machine wash: cold

- Women's US size: small - 6 - 8; medium - 8.5 - 11; large - 11.5 - 13

So Not Typical Socks | Soul Care Socks | Crew length | Gift-giving

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