Have you written a book but don't know what to do next? 

We are a holistic publishing destination and self-care advocacy for authors. We awaken you to the art and activism of soul care.



We help you do it yourself,

Not by yourself.



Option One


Indie Publishing Plan


You know what you want. You may have one or two specific tasks in mind so a customized quote is for you. Submit the inquiry form, below.


  • We can provide upfront, line-item quote for any pre-publication work. Whether it is a cover design, illustration, a proofread, a complete internal layout, or a full copy edit.

  • You only pay for the services you need help with.

  • We assist you to independently publish with Blurb. We set you up as the publisher. In other words, you are in full command of your royalties and the management of your title.

  • You purchase your books at printers’ cost. Not to mention, full distribution worldwide.

  • Contact us!


Option Two


Indie Publishing Plan


You want guidance and support through all stages of the publication process, we can assist you. Specifically, to independently publish with Blurb. Submit the inquiry form, below.


  • We work with you step by step to produce and publish your book to the highest quality publishing standards. All in all, we want you to feel delighted over what you have achieved.

  • Blurb has an expansive global retail network with Ingram Distribution. Your book is available to readers, via physical and online booksellers all over the world.

  • See sample contract.

  • We provide a downloadable Publishing Planner and Benchmarks Workflow.


A Guide To


To Self-Publishing

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We are a new great soul care destination for authors to awaken to and embrace the art and activism of self-nurture.

Our publishing strategy is a holistic soul care strategy.


We believe this will help you show up to steward the grace and guts to write and publish your heart and your voice.


>> It begins with listening to and seeing the vision and purpose God has for you.


>> It begins with a mindset that addresses abundance and scarcity in your activities.


>> It begins with a high appraisal of healing through your work.


>> It begins with identifying and implementing the best publishing path for you.


>> It begins with you getting a strategy to clarify what you want and what you don't want.


>> It begins with measuring what matters to you.


We're here to help you share your voice and mission through your book. (Get ready, gurl!)


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if you have a story to tell, an idea to ink, words burning within your soul, Mohawkmomma Studio is for you.

We awaken and advocate for you in the

art + activism of soul care.

Each Publishing Package Comes with

The Writer's Soul Care Kit

(or you can purchase the kit alone)

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Come to me, all who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest. Jesus, Matthew 11:28



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We awaken writers with self-care resources to

integrate and embody the art and self-advocacy of soul care.

Distinctive in its strong emphasis to encourage and publish Black writers.


Sacred Scribbling + Soul Care +

Self-Care is our thang!

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