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Full Moon Musing and Meditation - Buck Supermoon 2022


(links are at the end to lessen distractions.)

Dear scribbler + speaker,

Today, Wednesday, July 13th, we skywatchers will have a chance to behold a view of the biggest supermoon of the year so far, the Buck Supermoon. So let's pause with a meditative ceremony to thank the Most High and reap of this celestial beauty + witness.

"There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars; for star differs from star in glory" - 1 Corinthians 15:41. The best time to watch this supermoon tonight is going to be around 5PM EST as officially it is a full moon then. It’s also visible for most of this week, too. “The Moon will appear full for about three days around this time, from early Tuesday morning through early Friday morning,” according to NASA. The Buck Moon was named by the Algonquin tribes because July signified a period during the year when the annual regrowth of the male deer's antlers was thriving + usually when they show off their budding antlers. The July full moon has also been known by other names, though, including the Thunder Moon because of the seasonal storms that are often scattered throughout July. SOULjouner, no matter what you/we call it, this full moon is the BIGGEST supermoon yet of 2022! May we nurture our needs + desires through intentional + intuitive soul-care.

Don't deny yourself a dose of...


sipping + eating slowly

minding your business

journaling your gratitude

blessing your bandwidth + energy

engaging a nap or daydreaming session

taking an extra long hot shower

soaking in a detoxing salt bath

tending to what's present

lighting a candle as you do something long-overdue In your/our being + doing, let's be tender with our God-given, undiminishing radiance. Let this supermoon remind you how you fully reflect the Son’s luminosity, personally + collectively.

Embodiment CTA (Call to Abide): Nature's resurgence grants us the opportunity to indulge in our own reset. This supermoon should be met with reflection + rest.

Full Moon Meditation

The Full Moon journaling SOULution sheet is in the links section for you to download if you choose to. Otherwise, you may use your own journal/notebook/digital device.

Full Moon Journaling Benediction

To tune into the audio version of this meditation. Listen here.

The embodied question is: How will this supermoon remind you of your thriving and how you fully reflect the Son’s luminosity, personally + collectively.

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Pastoral Care + Counsel

❥ Another Embodiment CTA (Call to Abide): Take the Rest Assessment - Go from routine to ritual as you Notice + Nurture + Embody your cyclical rhythms. You'll receive your ritual-specific, personalized recommendation, which will help you tune into your body's wisdom to optimize tending to your rhythmic soul care.

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Also, feel free to screenshot/click/tap the “Planting By The Moon” image below.

Planting by the moon guide

A poem of blessing for sabbathing scribblers + speakers syncing with the moon

You Are A Moon Mirror The moon praises the beauty of the Creator. The Creator uses the ocean to hold up a mirror to the moon to reflect back to it its beauty. Likewise, your blessed femininity is a moon mirror. Asé + Amen.

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


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