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12-Minute New Moon Musing + Meditation


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Dear scribbler + speaker,

On the Hebrew calendar, during the New Moon, women have a special affinity with Rosh Chodesh ("Head of the Month")—the month being the feminine aspect of the Jewish calendar.

We live our lives with the moon because we wish to harness the distinct qualities of lunar energy: its communion + creativity, its capacity for renaissance + rebirth. The moon's movement affects not only the movement of water upon the earth but also these earthen vessels. Like the tides, we ebb + flow. Ase' + Amen.

Let’s lean in as we notice + nurture + embody our waning with the New Moon. This New Moon is a holy witness to remind us that in the darkness there's a creative, generative space in which light interacts and rest is optimized.

Like the temporal darkness of the New Moon, let's embrace your/our temporal New Moon phases of the dark unknown until again we arrive at the luminescent fullness of our inner + outer Full Moon.

If you don't have 12 minutes right now for the visual moon meditation, attend the 2-minute New Moon Visual Journaling Retreat.

Grab your Tending Color + Journal Notecard. Then, push play on the video.

Pause + Ponder: The gift of the temporal darkness of the New Moon within you + without. Simply notice, no analysis needed.

Invite a suitable contemplative spiritual/creative practice, which compliments a waning vibe, a quieter movement that'll introduce you to new parts of yourself whether in scribbling, speaking prayers or affirmations, silence, plant tending, eating, a sound bath therapy, etc.

The New Moon journaling page is downloadable at the end of your reading.

New Moon Journaling Benediction

First, a blessing of release: "May we honor a holy, slow-release fertilizer of new beginnings + renewal to nourish us in this time of manifesting with the New Moon. Join me in our global New Moon meditation on the Mohawkmomma Soul Podcast.

The embodied question is: "What New Moon ritual(s) will root you in your holy humanity?" (don't overthink this, we all have rituals—we simply don't name them as such.)

Mohawkmomma Soul Podcast is brought to you by Mohawkmomma Soul Care Boutique, created + curated by Andrea "Angie" Palmer. You can also Subscribe by RSS.

Pastoral Care + Counsel

You have everything you need for where you are right now in this waning season of renewal. But you're gonna need to amplify two things, in my opinion— simplicity + a shalom support system of family + friends to help you.

1. Where can you simplify even 1%?

2. Identify who's part of your shalom support system

LOVE IT? SHARE IT! Text, email, carrier pigeon—share this toolkit with friends however you like! Feel free to snag the below graphic to share (tap it or click it).

Also, feel free to screenshot/click/tap the “Planting By The Moon” image below.

Planting by the moon guide

A poem of blessing for the scribbler + speaker in you, as you sync with the moon:

You Are A Moon Mirror The moon praises the beauty of the Creator. The Creator uses the ocean to hold up a mirror to the moon to reflect back to it its beauty. Likewise, your blessed femininity is a moon mirror. Asé + Amen.

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


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