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Beyond Goal Setting: Set Purpose-filled Intentions with Soul


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"Goal setting is not about writing out to do’s—it’s noticing, nurturing, and embodying the choices which align with the vision."

Dear scribbler + speaker,

Beyond mere to-do’s, be gentle and nurture your intentions—they are your desired plan. Instead of setting the goals you think you outta set, purpose-filled intention setting encourages you to align your desires and values with purpose + vision. Oftentimes, when we are far from the goals we desire, many perceive it as failure instead of feedback.

Setting goals as if they are the ultimate indicator of prosperity convinces many to grind their humanity.


Don’t push yourself to keep going, choose to rest in engaging your purpose over the “plan.”

Learn to see yourself as a channel of love as you hold holy space for yourself in a soul-infused process that allows you to go slower with greater precision at a steady, grace pace.

If it is worth doing, it is worth the wait as you commit to process of your growth. The goal is a measurement in the process - purpose is the means in the process. Therefore, you don’t have to have a list of goals to guide your next steps.

Your steps are ordered by the Lord, not the goals.

In this present moment, you can resolve to set your intentions and surround them with discipline for the milestones to come in your future.

Put another way: let goals be the tools, let the Holy Spirit (Ruach) guide. If a goal does not manifest like you had wished, it doesn’t have to torment you, it can teach you about the unfolding of things in their proper phase of development; let it welcome the potency of reimaging + reiterating.

SOULjouner, shalom (peace, wellbeing, wholeness, soundness of mind) will help you align your rhythms + routines in a purpose and vision bigger than you when you move with a cyclical (think moon phases) approach of compassion; even as you enter into this current wanining New Moon (new month).

“The moon reminds us that we are still whole no matter what phase we are in.” - unknown

The New Moon journaling page is downloadable at the end of your reading.

New Moon Journaling Benediction

First, a blessing of release: "May we honor a holy, slow-release fertilizer of new beginnings + renewal to nourish us in this time of manifesting with the New Moon.

“I get to release this ish...” Besides scribbling, what other form of releasing will you notice, nurture, and embody?

Pastoral Care + Counsel

❥ Keep your vision solid, your plans fluid.

❥ Plans are useful, but chiiiile don't get attached to them; life has too many surprises (ahem, a pandemic, to name a few). Elevate divine purpose carried out through your worth in your humanity.

❥ Preparation, on the other hand, has value, even if the future version you planned is delayed or never comes. Besides, our plans often reveal where we have become curators of control in efforts to guard ourselves against what we fear most:

being exposed, disappointment, ambiguity, stillness, insignificance, embarrassment, boredom, loss of any kind, appearing deficient/incompetent etc.

❥ Misplaced trust will truly come to the surface when Divine Compassion disrupts our plans. The Good Shepherd knows how to turn our attention to a deeper work-play, which requires our awareness + alignment.

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Planting by the moon guide

A poem of blessing for sabbathing scribblers + speakers syncing with the moon

You Are A Moon Mirror The moon praises the beauty of the Creator. The Creator uses the ocean to hold up a mirror to the moon to reflect back to it its beauty. Likewise, your blessed femininity is a moon mirror. Asé + Amen.

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


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