Season of Bloom - Pause for A Different Kind of Growth

Season of Bloom

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Bloom, Already

B.L.O.O.M. Brave Love Opens & Orients Me.

Sometimes, I/we put so much energy into growth that I/we forget to let ourselves (or others) bloom. How do you discern when it's time to shift from growth (acquiring knowledge, doing) to bloom (applying knowledge, being)?

When you look around your circle of influence, you see the work to be done. You see all of the needs to be met and all the things to learn and glean.


Like sweet peas, if the gardener doesn't pinch the "growth tip" and reign them in, they will keep on spiraling up in growth, but they don't get around to making flowers.

They'll grow all into the neighbor's yard and become an overwhelming matter for anyone close by.

Recently, the Spirit clearly spoke, bloom to my heart in an area of new my soul care studio. I've been researching and gathering so much information in order to launch a creative and missional soul care and self-care studio in the fall. But information is only one part.

There's so much to learn and there's an unending amount of information. Personally, information gathering and research can become my obsession. But there's more...

There's intimacy.

Intimacy leads to transformation.

Whereas information gathering can lead to avarice for me.

I have this insatiable appetite for observing new discoveries (I filter and experience life and living as a 5w4 on the Enneagram), and it can put me on an unhealthy and isolating growth path of over-consumption, inevitably, delaying my bloom.

So after many pages of notes, bookmarked websites, back and forth emails and printed articles, it was clear...

I needed to sense Abba, my Gardener, giving my "growth tip" the pinch, in order for me to begin my early stages of bloom. Growth and bloom must happen in their given season, and it was time for me to transition and begin to apply what little I did know to do.

There's potency in the little.

Valuable Lesson and Revelation

My execution of something new doesn't need to look flawless, it just needs to be done wholeheartedly.

I must give myself permission to be a beginner, an experimenter, to not be good at something, but to be receptive to the new soul shaping places of uncomfortable transformation.

It's about the unforced intervals. The overwhelm comes in when we demand flawless, big and quick acquisition. There's something to be said about the sorting, small and steady.

The budding growth or the bloom in spring shouldn't be compared to a dormant winter or a ripe, bountiful harvest. Some things are happening at a root level, with little activity at the surface.

We miss the point when we try to hurry a process or put off our bloom because there's yet so much work to be done.

For some of us, we see bloom as a reward, for others it's a far off ambition, and for others it may be an affirmation of their worth. No matter what, we've all got it wrong if we don't see bloom as the byproduct of a healthy connection.

Brave Love Opens & Orients Me

Pause & Ponder

As you hear my heart, rather, as you listen to the Spirit of Truth, let Him direct your attention to Jesus, the Beloved, in this area of growth and bloom. Ask the Spirit what healthy and unhealthy growth looks like for you and to reveal to you where Love desires to pinch your "growth tip" to help you bloom.

Take a moment to ponder these four areas in your life:

Your faith (spiritual growth & bloom)

Your work (service growth & bloom)

Your friendships (relational growth & bloom)

Your learning (mental growth & bloom)

You may download the Growth & Bloom SOULutions Worksheet as a guide, if you need help to process and focus.

Growth & Bloom SOULutions Worksheet

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