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A Journaling Workshop Retreat: Embody Emergence - The Practice of Soft + Slow Soul Care

Shalom SOULjourners,

All January is National Journal Writing Month (NaJoWriMo).

Let's get into this journaling workshop, sis! We're leaning into why it's essential to embody emergence in the practice of choosing soft + slow as a nourishing soul care approach. We do this personally + collectively.

There are two nutritional benefits of going slow that author, Jo Saxton reflects upon...

  1. Less microwavable mission + movement, more marinating in the lessons learned and the way Spirit/Ruach is nourishing the soul at the root system way before the fruit emerges (by the way, fruit is the very last thing to emerge). And the roots will ALWAYS take what they need first before optimizing energy elsewhere.

  2. Less instant vision + strategy, more of the vision emerging as you strut or sashay forward by faith + discernment all the way.

SOULjouner, less is more—managing less, doing less creates space for more of what helps us flourish in the good + gooey grace of things—good, gooey things take time. God's gooey goodness often requires incremental-in-the-fullness-of-time too. Let's not rob ourselves of savoring our lives along the way as we zig-zag.

Sis, hurry is so exhausting, inhospitable, unfriendly, and a source of much harassment + disrespect.

Slow down, sis. Examine the root of your chronic urgency/hurry/angst/impatience/frenzy.

We get to curate + create a process of tending to self-compassionate for the flourishing of our inner + outer emergence as they are nurtured in a soft, slow, steady grace-pace. It's not selfish, it's GRACE.

It will all unfold.


Sis, let's journal + heal... shalom in every script.

I recommend you choose one journal prompt to focus your energy + attention on.

What am I believing about slowing down?

What prayer will help me attune my heart to soft + slow?

How will I slow down my thinking + doing?

Who will I become if I slow down + savor what's before me?

What's at risk if I do not decelerate + honor my holy emergence? (is it truly worth the risk?)

Why is it essential for me to tend to a softer, slower life?

The following excerpt is taken from the mini, travel-size *Tending Roots Soul Care Bingo Notebook*:

Slow down. Check in with the source of your trust + hope.

Check in with your sacred body + emotions.

Savor the technology of your trust in the Most High, your sacred body + emotions.

Listen to liberation within your body. It's part of your birthright.

Sis, if you're new to noticing + nurturing + embodying soft + slow rhythms, “I gotchu”.


The Journal Feature

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Our Rest Affirmation

❥ Rest FROM hurry that harasses you.

❥ Rest IN marinating—it embraces you.

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


See our complete collection of bullet/dotted notebooks (as well as our lined + plain paper ones) in the wholesale catalog. Also, visit the soul care boutique + be inspired to plan with some soulful + creative struttin’!



In order to flourish, you must nourish!

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