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Spring Cleaning for the Soul: Prioritizing Peace with the Spring Soul Care Kit

Mohawkmomma Soul Podcast Season 5

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As the gentle warmth of springtime summons nature from its winter respite, we're invited to embark on a transformative journey of flourishing soul care.

Lengthening days and blossoming flowers mirror the awakening within us; there's harmonious connection between the awakening of nature and our own spiritual renewal.

What Is Soul Care?

Soul care involves practices + processes that nourish and nurture our whole being: spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. It’s about opening your heart to abide in God's love in childlike wonder.

A Brief Soul Care Lesson:

I'm drawing from the Hebrew word "nephesh." It occurs over seven hundred times in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament).


Nephesh refers to a living, breathing, physical being. In the Bible, both humans and animals are called nephesh.


The first four times nephesh is used in the Bible, it is used exclusively to describe animals: Genesis 1:20 (sea life), Genesis 1:21 (great sea life), Genesis 1:24 (land creatures), Genesis 1:30 (birds and land creatures).


In Genesis 2:7, we find that humans are a "living soul." People don't have a nephesh, we are a nephesh.

In the Hebraic thought, we are composed of multiple parts:

The body is the flesh + bones, the vessel.

Your spirit (the breath) enables and animates your personal presence.

The organs are viewed as the seats of thought (the heart), emotion (the kidneys), intuition (gut), etc.


The soul is the whole of the person, the unity of the body, organs and breath. It is not some immaterial spiritual entity, it is you, all of you, your whole being or self.

The soul, which encompasses the whole of our being deserves the same care + attention we give to our homes during the season of spring cleaning.

The soul is the whole of the person.

At Mohawkmomma Studio, we celebrate this synergy of seasonal + spiritual renewal with our Spring Soul Care Kit because tending to our inner gardens is part of tending to our intrinsic worth.

Ultimately, it's designed to pastor you on a transformative journey of personal + collective inner peace. Each item is carefully crafted + curated to support your path toward prioritizing your feminine rhythms.

The Spring Soul Care Kit: A VIP Experience

The Soul Care Kit is more than just a collection of goodies—it’s a value-adding VIP experience along the peace pathway. Here’s what it offers:

  1. Stationery + Lifestyle Goodies: Replete with carefully curated items, the kit includes lifestyle treasures from many Black women-owned brands and stationery essentials created from Mohawkmomma Studio. Whether it’s a stunning journal, inspiring notepads, or other thoughtful pieces, these items encourage reflection + self-tending.

  2. Early Product Access: As a VIP, you’ll get exclusive access to new products before they’re widely available. Stay ahead of the curve, sis and enjoy the thrill of discovering fresh additions to enhance your wellbeing. Psst... there's an early, spring exclusive announced at the end.

  3. Tending Your Own Garden: The kit’s message resonates deeply: “Don’t merely tend to the garden of others; BE the garden and tend to your own.” It’s a reminder that prioritizing your soul care isn’t selfish—it’s grace, it's essential. Just as oxygen masks must be secured before helping others, caring for your soul allows you to serve from a place of abundance.

Our quarterly subscription ensures that you have a continuous supply of soul-nurturing essentials, making it the ultimate VIP of VIP's peace pathway.

In a world where it's easy to get caught up in the needs of others, the Spring Soul Care Kit reminds us of the grace + sustainability of putting on our own oxygen masks first.

By investing in your wellbeing, you become a flourishing garden that can better support + uplift those around you.

Here's a mood board sneak peek at what you'll discover inside the Spring Soul Care Kit:

In a world where it's easy to get caught up in the needs of others, the Spring Soul Care Kit reminds us of the grace + sustainability of putting on our own oxygen masks first.

Consider this your personal invitation to embrace the transformative power of spring cleaning for the soul and awaken your inner peace with the Spring Soul Care Kit.

Together, we can make a soulful difference while audaciously nurturing our inner gardens + cultivating a more beautiful, playful, and compassionate world from the inside out.

Becoming a VIP of VIPs

Sis, are you ready to embrace soul care this spring (and beyond)? Consider becoming a VIP of VIPs by subscribing quarterly to the Soul Care Kit. It’s an intentional step toward nurturing your faith, finding peace, and flourishing throughout the year.

Subscribe to the Spring Soul Care Kit and let your soul blossom alongside a global sistahood.

Remember, by subscribing to the Spring Soul Care Kit, you not only invest in your own wellbeing, but also join our mission to fight against human trafficking through our ARTvocacy efforts.

 nurture your faith, find peace, and flourish throughout the year.


Early, Exclusive Kit Release:

Stunning + Flourishing

Gift Wrapping Paper with Soul

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


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In order to flourish, you must nourish!

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