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What One Word Can Teach You About Living Mindfully All Year-Long

Mohawkmomma Soul Podcast Season 4

Just one word to focus on all year. A word that helps you measure what matters to you, filter decisions, calm emotions and face each day with resolve.

Has there been a word for you this year that has served as a reminder of God’s truth in your life and inspired you (dared you) to live out your faith mindfully each and every day? A word so heavy with truth that it can bring you to your knees or set you free.

Embody has been my heavy and freeing word for 2019, and 'respond' will be my word for 2020.

This annual contemplative practice of choosing one word means you will sort through its many layers with courage, curiosity and persistence despite great challenges.

Choosing one word means letting it take deep root in your life in all spheres of your being and doing.

So what word is calling you forth into 2020? I'm here to help you with that. Whether this is new to you, or if you're still searching for your word. I've created the One Word Guide as a gift from me to you!

This Year's One Word 2019

On The Mohawkmomma Soul Podcast

Below, please tune in to "Fascinate and Focus" our most listened to and the first episode in 2019.

In this episode:

— You’ll hear about how to elevate and embody your worth.

— You’ll be invited to notice your embodiment narrative.

— You’ll let go of the one thing that gives you a faulty framework of your multifaceted identity.

— You’ll ponder your one word for 2019 and contemplate your 2020 word.

— You’ll feel so relieved when you embrace that your worth remains in tact no matter what, especially if you tend to tether your worth to your contributions.


Tune in to Day 7: Soul Care Narrative, our last episode in 2019. If you're currently enrolled in the 10-Day Soul Care Narrative Online Course, you're going to want to lean in and decelerate with me.

In this episode:

— You’ll be invited into a weekly check-in on yourself.

— You’ll hear about my Day 7 soul care narrative.

— You’ll be asked to pay attention to your life-changing disruptors.

— You’ll ponder what personal narrative myths you're unlearning.

— You’ll be asked to notice and be patient with your self-protecting ways.

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Exciting News!

Coming Soon! The 2020 Healing Manifesto: Sabbath Rhythms Devotional Planner

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


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