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Elevate your gift-giving vibes with the Remember Your Strength gift set. Inspired by the memoir by Penda L. James.


Inside card: "Inhale courage and exhale fear. You are right where you belong." - Penda L. James




- 5-ct, 3x3 gift tag stickers


- 5-ct, 5x7 greeting cards with envelopes. Nestled in a statin bag for storage + style.


Make memories that stick from bereavement to birthday party gifts or any occasion


Apply the 3x3 gift tag stickers with ease onto gift wrap, gift boxes, or gift bags to add a touch of sophistication and soulful style.


Dare to Remember Your Strength.

Let your thoughtful touches and soulful affirmations add a personal touch to each gift, creating a unique and memorable experience for both the giver and the recipient.



As you prepare your gifts, put on some soothing sounds, savor a sip of your favorite beverage, and send out positive vibes with every sticker.



Remembering your strength is a deep well from which some of your strongest creative, healing energies flow.


Affirm: "I am invited to remember my strength as a way to give + receive generously. Asé + Amen."

Remember Your Strength Greeting Card + Gift Tag Stickers | Gift Set

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