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Season 8 Reboot - Mohawkmomma Soul Podcast

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Season 8 Reboot of Mohawkmomma Soul Podcast

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Welcome to the official launch of a new season of Mohawkmomma Soul—season eight.

If you're new around here—I have been easing back into my soul care studio since I took a sabbatical—for the entire third quarter of 2021.

As I've emerged from my chrysalis, I'm certain that my ancestral legacy—personally and collectively, shapes what matters most to me and fuels me to be counter-cultural in the things I prioritize + give my heart and attention to:

I prioritize shalom (a peace that advocates for wholeness—individually + collectively.

I give my heart and attention to shalom-making that delights to deconstruct + decolonize ideologies that harm and marginalize folks. The main way I do this is by awakening + teaching from the truest parts of myself, my journey.


This season on the podcast—I want you to journey with me as I go into my archival treasure vault to revisit past episodes—some published, some unpublished. It's about going back to move forward to become aware of the poetical movement of our power, path, and possessions.

This season on the podcast—I will avoid the gravitational pull of recreating new projects + podcast episodes when there's an abundance of what I've already created. It is enough for it to be reintroduced + recycled. And I encourage you to consider the same thing in your life, with gratitude, courage, compassion, and wisdom—in view.

So let's continue to notice + nurture + embody Sabbathing Rhythms™ as we travel back in time to my first year of podcasting. Let's tune in as we welcome ourselves home to these bodies—unapologetically—doing less harm to self + others.

Welcoming our humanity,

Andrea (aka Angie) 🖤

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


Links For Further Discovery + Connection

Season 8 Prologue Episode - An Abiding + Ancestral Call to Action

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