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Social Media REimagined - It's a Virtual Birthday Launch Party!

Social Media REimagined - A Virtual Birthday Launch Party
A Virtual Birthday Launch Party

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Welcome to the Revolutionary Embodiment (RE) Forum!

We are excited to have you join this virtual sanctum—you’re home with other joy + justice shalom makers. It is our hope that the RE Forum will be holy ground for questions + discussions, collabs, etc. It’s a sanctum where you will REimagine + be REminded again and again and again that you are the beloved of God, and you are worthy.

The RE Forum is a sanctum of curiosity, courage, and creativity swaddled in transparent truth. It’s a place of community and raw hope where status quo within + without is challenged and invited into celebrating companionship that nourishes. We want to encourage you to use your real name or nickname (or both) in your profile (and where you live... FL, Singapore, etc.)—your name expands your humanity beyond a handle. Also, take a few minutes to upload a picture of yourself. Your presence is treasured and your face encourages depth of connection.

To Explore The Membership Community (approval-based)

Please select ‘Forum’ from the menu. Then, choose ‘Members’ from the drop down menu.

Introduce yourself to at least two other people in the community during your first week. Start connecting. You will find instructions on how to do this in the Community Guidelines & Tutorials folder which can be found in the ‘File Share’ section under 'Forum'.

Group Posts There are 'groups' in our community created around ‘Challenges’—within the groups you will see the conversations that are happening between members of the group as well as the guided group prompts to spark discussion. New groups will be opened as our community grows. Anyone can create a group and invite members to join around a shared affinity (book club, enneagram, food, etc.).

Forum Posts (different from Group Posts)

While you're exploring the forum, why not comment on one of the posts I've started (or send a birthday post to me;)).

Jump into a conversation (but remember...) This is also a sanctum for our seeing + hearing impaired shalom-makers. Please include image descriptions + closed captions in your videos.

Finally, remember to take some time to read the code of conduct document found in the Community Guidelines & Tutorials folder (and below in the link section) by which we ask all of our members to abide, which invites you to join us in a particular way of being in the world; and the tutorial guide which shows you how to use the app. Once again, we are overjoyed to have you as a part of our collective! We look forward to embodying our shalom-making pursuits from the inside out—personally + collectively. Sustainable grace over status quo grind, Andrea 🖤

Let's Breathe together.

Inhale grace here—in the present.

Now exhale and release your worry for the future.

Notice any tension in your body—do a quick wiggle, sway or circular movement. Loosen yourself. There's a wordless story in the tension. What is that story? Begin to send love to that place. Let your nerves nurture + release you in a slow out-breath—exhale. This is your body’s, your temple’s natural relaxant.

Turn towards yourself, beloved. Sense your cloud of witnesses. Know yourself apart from faulty metrics, sense respite + renewal from the Beloved.

What does that rest look like when you rest from all your image management to be freed up to reflect the Divine image of Love—personally + collectively?

A 3-minute hammock break #hammocktime #daydream #rest
A 3-minute hammock birthday break #hammocktime #daydream #rest

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


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In order to flourish, you must nourish!

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