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These exquisite, sustainable color pencils are newsworthy! They are made from recycled newspaper (not from cut trees) and handmade with a lot of love!



They are made from old newspapers and tightly rolled over graphite. The high-quality graphite is strong and does not break when sharpening.



WHAT'S INSIDE - One pack of pencils contains 10 sharpened pencils made from recycled newspaper. The pencils are cylindrical and have a smooth finish for a comfortable and stable grip. They can be sharpened with any sharpener. The 10 colors in our pack are:



> Light Green

> Dark Green

> Pink

> Red

> Orange

> Purple

> Blue

> Brown

> Yellow

> Black



GREAT TO USE - We only use the best color lead to make pencils that draw smoothly and beautifully. Since it is made of paper, our pencils are splinter-free!



SHARPENS AMAZINGLY – You'll love how the paper unwinds as you sharpen the pencil exposing the newspaper and giving the shavings a marble effect.



TREE-FREE - Our pencils are made from recycled paper and use no virgin wood. This helps save forests the size of 90 tennis courts cut down EVERY MINUTE to supply wood to make pencils.



A GREAT ECO GIFT – 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable, EN 71-3 compliant + made from recycled materials.



These pencils are a beautiful gift for friends, family + colleagues. A unique present for birthdays, Valentine's day, Mother's Day, Christmas, stocking stuffers, weddings, teacher's appreciation day, back to school, party-bag fillers, party favors, nursery gifts + other special occasions.


Share your sustainable side with your loved ones!


Sustainability, one pencil at a time. Get yo' scribble on now!




Scribble with 100% natural, decomposable alternatives.




The small, mindful acts of a cleaner earth for future generations adds up.


Affirm: "I am literally making a sacred impact when I scribble with these pencils. Asé + Amen."


10-Piece Newspaper Color Pencils, Recycled

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