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Step into a world where your scribbles become an ode to the planet and your soul. 


These pencils are more than just writing tools; they are small, mindful acts that accumulate into a cleaner Earth for generations to come.


Beyond a set of pencils; it's a soul care story written with every stroke and colored with the hues of sustainability.


Imagine unwrapping a pack of color pencils, each vibrant hue telling a story of sustainability and creativity. These exquisite pencils are not just tools; they are an invitation to a soulful journey.


Hold the recycled newspaper pencils in your hand, feel the connection to nature and the conscious decision to embrace a greener path.


The smooth finish and vibrant colors whisper tales of eco-friendly choices.


With Light Green, Dark Green, Pink, Red, Orange, Purple, Blue, Brown, Yellow, and Black at your fingertips, you embark on a journey of mindful creation.


Picture sharpening these pencils, and watch as the paper gracefully unwinds, revealing the newspaper beneath.


The marble effect of the shavings becomes a metaphor for the beauty that arises when sustainable choices are made.


With every stroke, you are not just expressing your creativity; you're contributing to a sustainable future.


Gift them to friends, family, or colleagues, and share your commitment to sustainability.


These pencils are a beautiful gift for friends, family + colleagues.


A unique present for birthdays, Valentine's day, Mother's Day, Christmas, stocking stuffers, weddings, teacher's appreciation day, back to school, party-bag fillers, party favors, nursery gifts + other special occasions.


These pencils are a unique present that speaks volumes about your values.


Engage in the ritual of scribbling with 100% natural, decomposable alternatives. Feel the connection to the Earth with every stroke, recognizing that your small, mindful acts are shaping a cleaner and brighter future.



Scribble with 100% natural, decomposable alternatives.




The small, mindful acts of a cleaner earth for future generations adds up.


Affirm: "I am literally making a sacred impact when I scribble with these pencils. Asé + Amen."


10-Piece Newspaper Color Pencils, Recycled

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