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Behold your satin journal, handcrafted with precision, is more than a blank canvas; it's a sacred space for your thoughts, dreams, and reflections.


Nestled within the plush drawstring pouch, it encourages you to slow down and savor the evolving stages of your blessed, melanated life.


Engage in a daring grace that beckons your melanated musings to ebb + flow seamlessly through your work, play, and moments of rest.


Feel the soft caress of the hardback journal, its hand-bound, woven fabric, and the Monroe satin cover serving as a reminder of your innate softness + eternal embrace.


The Melanated Gift Set: A Symphony of Elegance


Included in this wondrous gift set:

  • 8 x 5.8 Satin Journal: Your gateway to luxurious care and boundless creativity.


  • Large Velvet Drawstring Bag: A cocoon of softness to swaddle your journal, inviting you to be gentle with your shalom-making being + doing.


  • Faux Feather Pen: A stylish companion for your musings, adding a touch of grace to every stroke.



In the journal of potential, blank pages unfold, For daily notes and sketches, stories to be told. Ideas dance freely, like whispers in the night, a canvas of creation, bathed in soft moonlight.


Satin cover, a tender caress, a tactile embrace, Guiding hands to realms of luxurious grace. Softness beneath fingertips, a journey to commence, In the world of self-expression, a sacred recompense.


Handbound with care, a testament profound, craftsmanship woven, each stitch a sacred tapestry.


A hardcover sanctuary, where dreams are held dear, a vessel for your essence, drawing whispers near.


Golden corners gleam, a regal touch bestowed, upon your creative sanctuary, where inspirations flowed.


Elegance in each detail, a radiant affair, your journal adorned, with regal flair.


Thus, within this poetic sanctuary, a tapestry unfurls, blank pages, satin whispers, in creativity, the heart swirls. Handbound and adorned, with corners kissed by gold, a sanctum of self-compassion, where stories are told.


With each stroke of the pen, affirm, "I am flourishing in being uniquely me, unapologetically melanated—increasingly. Asé + Amen."

8x5.8 Satin Melanated Musing Affirmation | Blank Journal | Gift Set

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    Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Keep the pages away from water to prevent them from being damaged.

    Surface wipe only. Clean gently by hand with mild soapy damp cloth.


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