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Imagine the little one stepping into a garden of creativity, armed with a Color + jJournal™notecard set that's as unique as she is.


Give the little girl in your life a unique notecard set to create coloring + journaling memories. 


Encourage her to unleash her imagination and send a one-of-a-kind color + journal notecard for any occasion to those she holds dear.


Notice on each notecard a soul care message, a gentle reminder of peace, love, and self-appreciation. It's not just a set of cards; it's a journey into the heart of positive affirmations.


Purchase Card Gift Set One-time: 5-pack of Color + Journal™ 6x4 cards (comes with envelopes), and a cute pouch for stylish storage.




JOIN THE BIRTHDAY+ CARD CLUB - SUBSCRIBE + SAVE: 5-pack of 6x4 cards (comes with gold fabric envelope for card storage + bonus writing accessory)



Invite the little one to cultivate peace + relaxation in the simple things.


Color + journal along with her as you both tend to your shalom (peace, wholeness) and your relationships. It's fun to send the notecard to someone to invite them to color + chill.


Put on some tranquil tunes + giggle together + journal a few thoughtful words on the back (even if it's to yourself). Then, mail it.



Affirm: "I am at peace. I am loved. I love myself and I love you."


In a digital era, the art of letter writing offers the soul rest from the noise of the virtual world. Letter writing is a deep well from which some of our strongest creative energies flow.


What’s more, letter writing for young minds + hearts compels focused writing + reading; it invites deep connection + beautiful encounter.

Black Girl Peace Notecard Set | Color + Journal™ Gift Set | Wholesale

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