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Pause to reimagine your "pause" journey with the Post Menopause Color + Journal™ Card Set.


Outside of card: "There may be no more ovary seeds to sow but your garden of resilience will still thrive…"


Inside of card: "... with blooms of strength in the challenges, wisdom in the letting go, and the sweet fragrance of joy from showing up uniquely as you. May your post-menopausal years be filled with the beauty that comes from weathering life's seasons. Keep tending to your garden with curious compassion, and watch as it continues to flourish + delight."


Each card has the power to spark a MenoConversation to normalize + honor the unique experiences of women going through menopause.


Use the cards for any occasion, or as a prayer card, thank you card, affirmation card, or scribble a love note. One note has the power to align + assure us of our profound connections.


Gift Set Features


  • Five count, 5x7 eco-friendly greeting cards paired with elegant embossed envelopes


  • nestled in a stylish satin pouch


Gift Set Upgrade + Bundle-add on's:


  • Add the MenoCandle and Apothecary Jar of Matches
  • Add the MenoAffirmation Card Deck


Cultivate a sense of community + support, reminding women that they are not alone in their journey.


Purchase the 5-pack one-time, or join our Monthly Birthday+ Club Subscription for a monthly infusion of inspiration,  cards and envelopes beautifully presented in a gold fabric envelope for various occasions every month.



Post Menopause Color + Journal™ Card Set | Gift Set | Wholesale

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