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Express encouragement + soul tending to a new mom walking the path of motherhood with our beautiful "Dear Mom," Color + Journal™ Greeting Card.


This unique card offers a heartfelt message that honors her nurturing care, while also encouraging her to continue cultivating her own inner garden of soul care + personal growth.


More than a card—a soul care sanctum.


- Color prompts are in white


Front: "The life of a new Mom is like a Monstera."


Top inside: "...unfurling in love, embracing self-compassion, and nurturing connections. As you walk the path of motherhood in your distinct way, your love, like the Monstera's broad, nurturing leaves, creates a sanctuary for your little one. Embracing them with comfort and care, you pave the way for their growth and flourishing.


Remember to invite the warmth of self-compassion into your life. Just as the Monstera's leaves create openings to allow sunlight to reach other leaves, tend to your own wellbeing and draw upon the support of your community, especially the sisterhood. Embrace your feminine rhythms as you nurture inner peace in the garden of motherhood, even amidst the demanding moments that come with being a new mom."


Bottom inside: blank




  • 1-ct, 4.25 x 5.5 tent-style card with luxe, embossed envelope
  • nestled in a satin peach drawstring pouch


Wholesale is available.


Affirm: "Mom, your flourishing helps us to flourish."

Life of a New Mom is like a Monstera | Color + Journal™ Greeting

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