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"Flourish, friend" is an invitation + dare to encourage your deepest connections.


Send a 5"x7" folded Color + Journal™greeting card, it's a canvas for your creativity. Printed on sturdy card stock, it features coloring prompts that beckon you to infuse each stroke with your unique touch.


Mailed with white envelopes, these cards are the sublime vessels for your warmest sentiments.


Inside left:

"Dare to nurture your soul in the sublime garden of childlike wonder, cultivating serendipitous moments of peace. Rooted + grounded in the soil of love and reaping the harvest of beautiful moments. May your life be a garden, tended with friendship + flourishing with grace."


Inside right:

"Let the rhythms of life unfold gently, like petals opening in the morning sun."


Consider bundling these cards as a gift set, a one-time offering for your gift-giving generosity or an ongoing subscription with the Birthday+ Club, delivering monthly cards and delightful surprises for any occasion.


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  • 5-pk luxe cards with envelopes nestled in a satin peach drawstring pouch
  • 8x5 matching hardcover, lined notebook

Flourish, Friend Color + Journal™ Card Set | Gift Set | Wholesale

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