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Express your grief along with another griever. 



"In your loss, you are seen, and held, heard, supported, cherished, remembered. In your grief, let compassion."


Back top: blank


Back bottom poem:


"Just as a plant grows at its own pace, there's no timeline for your loss. This is a tough one. Tending to your grief with patience + compassion, like nurturing a delicate leaf, will allow your heart to receive in its own time what you need. Every petal that unfolds reveals how deep your love still goes. Take the time you need to heal, for your heart deserves a journey of gentleness, understanding, and grace."


Options for Purchase:


  • One-time Card Gift Set: 5-pack of 6x4 cards (comes with envelopes)


  • Monthly VIP Card Gift Set Subscription: 5-pack of 6x4 cards (comes with a gold fabric envelope for card storage + bonus writing accessory)


Receive five eco-friendly color + journal postcards paired with luxury envelopes. The set is elegantly presented in a satin pouch for storage, adding a touch of stunning style to your correspondence.




Receive a 5-pack of cards + a gold envelope to store all your cards for various occasions every month.


Engaging in the art of letter writing fills up the reservoir of our most potent creative energies.


The slow crafting of love letters, in particular, encourages deliberate and attentive writing + reading, creating an intimate connection between both the sender and the recipient.


The deliberate pace of input and output adds a distinctive richness to this meaningful exchange.


  • Size: 6x4”
  • Comes with envelopes



Choose to relax + color the image or send it to a friend, inviting them into a moment of coloring + self-tending. 




Affirm: "There's abundant compassion here for my grief . Asé + Amen."

Grief Compassion Poetry Postcard | Color + Journal™ | Gift Set | Wholesale

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