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Express your gratitude and appreciation for your mother's love + support with our beautiful Garden of Love "Dear Mom," Collection Color + Journal™ Greeting Card.


This unique card offers a heartfelt message that honors her nurturing care, while also encouraging her to continue cultivating her own inner garden of soul care + personal growth.


More than a card—a soul care sanctum.


- Color prompts are in white


Front: "In the jungle of life, you help us thrive. You nurture us with care in your garden of love. You generously sow seeds of acceptance, cultivating the best in us to help us grow. So, Mom, thank you for your garden of love, a place we call paradise. We want to remind you to nurture your inner garden and blossom for yourself, just as your mothering has done for us."


Top inside: "Just for you."


Bottom inside: blank




  • 1-ct, 4.25 x 5.5 tent-style card with luxe, embossed envelope
  • nestled in a satin peach drawstring pouch


Wholesale is available.


Affirm: "Mom, you nurture us with care in your garden of love."

Dear Mom, Garden of Love | Color + Journal™ Greeting Card

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