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Cultivate gratitude and connection with our color + journal poetry postcard card set—a timeless treasure for any occasion.


Receive five eco-friendly Color + Journal™ postcards paired with luxury envelopes, elegantly presented in a satin pouch for storage + stunning style.


The poem: “You being in my life so blesses me, and nourishes me, sees me, gets me, respects me, supports me. You help me amplify my peace."


Let your postcard writing be a deep well from which some of our strongest creative energies flow.


What’s more, love letter writing compels focused writing + reading; it invites you and the recipient into encounter. Slow input + slow output introduces encounter.


Options for Purchase:

  • One-time Card Gift Set: 5-pack of 6x4 cards (comes with envelopes)


  • Monthly Card Gift Set Subscription: 5-pack of 6x4 cards (comes with a gold fabric envelope for card storage + bonus writing accessory)





You can choose to relax + color the image or send it to a friend to invite them to color + chill.


Put on some soothing sounds, savor a sip of your favorite beverage, and scribble a few thoughtful words (even if it's to yourself). Then, mail it.



Affirm: "Gratitude helps me tend to my peace." Tend to your relationships by creating memories from this soul care postcard. And collect all the pieces in the "Tending to me" design colection. 

Gratitude + Peace (Peach) Poetry Postcard | Color + Journal™ Card | Gift Set

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Price Options
One-time purchase
Birthday+ Card Club
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$21.50every month until canceled
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