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Pause with the desk size Perimenopause Bingo-prompt guided notebook. You are seen, heard, and believed—this is the promise + purpose of the 'Soulful Transitions - MenoGarden Musings' design collection.


Phenomenal for all your note-taking + journaling needs, or maybe it's time to finish that story. 


- 8.5x11

- 120 pages

- College ruled

- Gold spiral binding




  • 5-pk, 5X7 cards with luxe, embossed envelopes (nestled in a satin peach drawstring pouch)
  • candle + matches set
  • affirmation card deck


You are invited you to embrace the ARTvocacy of stunning soul care with a more integrative, holistic, and playful sensory approach to your rhythmic, feminine wellbeing.


Nourish your soul + support your feminine transition during perimenopause with our whimsical, peace-infused gift set:


Gift it to yourself or someone you love to the 'Soulful Transitions - MenoGarden Musings' gift set today, and join us in embracing soul care and sisterhood solidarity.


Together, we will create a more soul-infused and sustainable world, one where we prioritize both our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others.




Take a moment to reflect on the following affirmation:


Affirm: "Amidst the challenges, In this sisterhood of solidarity, I will pause to tend to my soul care through ARTvocacy. I will embody my feminine peace + play transitions with purpose + poise."

8.5x11 Perimenopause Lined Softcover Notebook | Desk Size Bingo-Prompt Journal

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