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Calm your body + mind with the MenoGarden Affirmation Candle, it's a sanctum of light.


It's an invitation to embrace the soulful transitions of perimenopause through post menopause —a reminder to "spark your peace" with your candle git set:


  • Candle, 8 oz. (Sunwashed or Fragrance-free)
  • Apothecary Jar of peach-tipped matches 




  • MenoGarden Affirmation Color + Journal™Card Deck
  • Wick Trimmer
  • Add a second MenoGarden candle + save $5


Transport yourself to an ocean coastline where the sea churns against the rocks. A base of clean sea salt + jasmine blended with top notes of ozone and citrus evoke memories that bring you to a respite place in nature.


Imagine your 3.37x 3.87-inch, hand-poured 8oz., coconut soy wax candle with the wooden wick creating a soft crackling sound, reminiscent of a real fireplace burn, summoning you to create a warm + inviting atmosphere in your home, office, or any travel destination.


Grab this healing companion to light the way for your next arometherapy moment. 


Phthalate-Free — Cruelty-Free —- Vegan



(Fragrance-free or Sunwashed)

Aromatherapy can greatly influence our emotions, moods, and behaviors, and by creating aromatherapy experiences to our everyday activities, we amplify peace through the power of a pause.



Tips to Help You Burn Your Candle Effectively

Make your candle last longer and burn beautifully with a wick trimmer – an essential for any candle enthusiast.


Unlike regular scissors, a trimmer has an extended base that safely catches debris while trimming the wick. 


To ensure candle burns properly, trim wooden wick to 1/8" before each new burn and allow candle to reach a full melt pool. 


For optimal results, be sure to wait for the candle to reach room temperature before trimming.


Full melt pool means wax has melted to all edges and melt pool is 1/4” deep. Do not burn longer than 4 hrs at a time.


Extinguish with care, do not use water.


Avoid drafts open windows, air conditioners, and heat vents should be kept far from the candle to avoid dancing flames.


A straight flame distributes heat equally which leads to a clean and even burn; it eliminates excessive smoking, tunneling, and wasted wax around the inside edge of the candle; it enhances the fragrance throw and it extends the lifespan of your candle because it burns slower.


This should go without saying…
Never leave wick trimmings or matches in the melt pool. Burn on heat resistant surface, do not leave unattended.


Do not pick up or handle candle while burning. Once the candle has less than 1/4" wax left place on a candle warmer.


Affirm: "Amidst the challenges, Imma stay lit uniquely as me.

MenoGarden Affirmation Candle Gift Set | Non-Toxic | Hand Poured 8 oz.)

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Excluding Sales Tax |