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Welcome to the world of 'DJ of my Cycle' Color + Journal™ Greeting Cards and gift set for tweens and teens.


These fun + colorful cards and gifts are here to inspire + educate.


Outside of card: "Vibe to your tune on your period"


Inside of card: "My Womb Playlist - four rhythms of self-care + self-tending"


Beyond cards and stationery gift items, it’s an opportunity to connect with and help the tween or teen in your life groove to the beat of her transitioning body's rhythm. 


Imagine yourself back when you entered the “red tent”—besides a heating pad, Pamprin or Midol, what might have been the impact if you received a soul care gift set to come alongside your emerging wombmanhood to welcome your feminine rhythms and how to understand your cyclical needs?


Each card and items in the gift set have the power to spark a conversation to normalize + honor the four-part tending cycle of the menstrual phases:


  • follicular
  • ovulation
  • luteal
  • menstruation


Use the cards for any occasion, or as a prayer card, affirmation card, or scribble a love note. One note has the power to align + assure us of our profound connections.


Gift Set Includes


  • five count, 5x7 eco-friendly greeting cards paired with elegant embossed envelopes
  • nestled in a stylish satin pouch
  • Color + Journal Affirmation card deck 
  • Four-phase tracker toolkit PDF (youth edition)


Gift Set Upgrade + Bundle-add on:


  • Add the 5.5x8.5 Color + Journal Notebook (lined, college ruled)
  • Comes in a purple gift box


Cultivate a sense of community + support, reminding the young girl in your life that they are not alone on their journey.



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