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The path of motherhood + infertility is much like the presence of wildflowers, each journey is unique and grows in unexpected ways.


Send your love + support with our beautiful "Wildflowers + Infertility Love Letter" Color + Journal™ Greeting Card.


This unique card offers a heartfelt message of empathy that honors the multifaceted experiences of infertility.


More than a card—a soul care sanctum.


- Color prompts are in white


Front: "Dear Precious Soul,


Like wildflowers in a vast meadow, your infertility journey is uniquely yours growing in unexpected ways. So however your infertility experience looks, it matters. Whether you talk about it or not. Whether you have children through adoption, surrogacy, or donor conception or not. Whether it ends with living children or not. Whether you pursue fertility treatments or not. Whether you take a break or stop treatments altogether. However your infertility experience looks..."


Top inside: " matters and you matter."


Bottom inside: blank




  • 1-ct, 4.25 x 5.5 tent-style card with luxe, embossed envelope
  • nestled in a satin peach drawstring pouch


The nuance of motherhood - Go Deeper On The BLOG.


Wholesale is available.


Affirm: "However your infertility experience looks, it matters."

Wildflowers + Infertility Love Letter | Color + Journal™ Greeting Card

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