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Podcast Season 9 - The Color of Empathy


Dear scribbler + speaker,

I have an invitation for you to listen to the preview of what's to come for this new podcast season. To get in the flow of this restful meditation, click or tap the phone image.

In this episode:

— You’ll hear Angie and Keith surrounded by nature from the backyard sanctuary.

— You’ll be reminded that rest is hardwired.

— You’ll meditate on Andrea/Angie's definition + description of empathy.

— You’ll ponder the color of empathy.

— You’ll notice + nurture + embody your posture of empathy.

— You’ll create a poem title for empathy.

— You’ll have a journaling prompt invitation at the conclusion.

LOVE IT? SHARE IT! Text, email, carrier pigeon—share this episode with friends however you like! Feel free to snag the below graphic to share (tap it or click it).

Empathy - It is more than just responding, it's connecting.


(Follow the link to download April's Patreon meditative desktop wallpaper.)

What is the color of empathy for you? What is your empathy posture, today?

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


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LEAVE A COMMENT: What is your empathy posture, today? Think of empathy in terms of your interior and exterior life.



In order to flourish, you must nourish!

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