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Rest From Urgency Meditation - on being softer and tender with the self


Be there for your soul (breath, "nephesh"): "In our daily lives, our attention is dispersed. Our body is in one place, our breath is ignored, and our mind is wandering. As soon as we pay attention to our breath, as we breathe in, these three things—body, breath, and mind—come together." - Thich Nhat Hanh, "How to sit"

Dear SOULjourner,

I want you to soften yourself from the hard, fierce urgency of 'now' that has dysregulated our nervous system. It has groomed + conditioned many of us to run off frantic fuel. But there is a softening and unlearning that is ours through our sacred birthright.

Let's welcome liberation from this exploitive, debilitating bully of urgency, personally + collectively.

It is possible to be counterculture in a culture chronically hyped up on pseudo urgency all in the name of 'deadlines' (even this death-like language is woven into the normalcy of it all).

There is a softer, more shalom-making place to land as we pause in a meditation that opens us up to breathe + rest in holy curiosity about our patterns + path.

Thankfully, the divine presence of life-giving Breath helps us to breathe new rhythms of rest activated + alchemized in our work-play.

No doubt, we will encounter both grace + grief as we flesh out what's at the root of the tyranny of urgency. No matter what, we will be comforted in the unlearning + new learning.

Place your hands over your chest + breathe.

I have an invitation for you to get into the flow of pause with a visual meditation (press play for the video), it's a preview of a Meditative Minute Moment on the podcast. For the full runtime of 1:43, click or tap the phone image.

In this episode:

— You’ll hear Pastor Angie muse about the bully of urgency.

— You’ll be reminded that most things are not urgent.

— You’ll meditate on what's underneath the urgency you're sensing.

— You’ll notice + nurture + embody a posture of unhurry in compassionate self-reflection.

Feel free to download the journaling guide to help you document + process your thoughts and emotions. Click or tap the image below to print out the PDF.

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A Softening blessing for

dealing with chronic urgency + hurry:

"May you dare to notice the courage that's already yours to go upstream. May you nurture what you already know to be true: your time is in God's benevolent hands. May you embody holy audacity from the God who enables you to redeem time as a deeply rested trustee of shalom.

Until next time,

Scribble. Speak. From your soul.


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